Some pictures since I don't have anything interesting to write about yet.
I haven't figured out (and am too lazy to press) how to line up the
pix side by each so you'll have to scroll down. I'll use the excuse that maybe your screen is too narrow anyway....

My building - Capitol Hill Tower - in the rain.
The Lobby.
The apartment. It was just a "vanilla box" when we bought it.
Mom painted it and picked out most of the furniture. We're on the 11th
floor of 13. Of course they don't call it 13, it's the
Penthouse (good for an additional $5,000 in purchase price).
A view from the other side (it's pretty small) into the kitchen.
A view into the kitchen. The red vodka print covers up an ugly
electrical panel.
The entrance. I have to move the handlebars parallel to the bike to avoid
disemboweling myself when I walk in.
Another view. I like this place.
Mom "doing crosswords" in the apartment.
My life outside of the apartment.
Yarn bomb in Arlington on my way to work. I think I sent this to you from my 'phone.
Mom in the apartment again. Working this time.